Notifier AKS-1B


Annunciator Key Switch Black Label w/White Letters

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Brand: Notifier Part #: 72098 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: AKS-1B


Some jurisdictions allow one node on a network to control the network at a time; one way to meet this requirement uses AKS-1B or Connector J6. For details, refer to Section 5.1 “Security Access” and your local Authority Having Jurisdiction. The AKS-1B can provide access security for the control switches on the NCA-2. When key switch monitoring is enabled as described in the Programming Section 5.5.7 “Supervision”, the NCA-2 keypad can only be used when the AKS-1B key is inserted and unlocked.




Network Control Annunciator; NCA-2


Notifier – Instruction Manual