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Digital Series Distribution Board

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The DS-DB Digital Series Distribution Board and its associ- ated amplifiers provide bulk amplification capability to the Digital Voice Command (DVC) system while retaining digital audio distribution capabilities. Up to four DS-AMP/E amplifi- ers can supply high-level risers spread throughout an instal- lation.

The DS-DB converts digital audio to analog and routes it to audio amplifiers and optional backups. The amplifiers send back high-level audio, which the DS-DB routes to its risers. Control and status information passes between the DS-DB and its components via DS-BUS. The DS-DB communicates with the rest of the digital audio system through the DAL (dig- ital audio loop), and takes up two of the 32 DAL addresses. It may be mixed with other devices on the same DAL, such as the DAA2 and DAX series amplifiers.

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  • Input capacity of four digital audio channels.
  • Four low-level audio outputs for connection to amplifiers in the same cabinet.
  • Eight high-level audio inputs (four primary, four backup), each input capable of handling 125W of audio at 25VRMS or 100W at 70.7VRMS when used with DS-AMP.
  • Four Class A/eight Class B high-level 125W audio outputs, each of which can output all 125 watts from any one of the four high level primary inputs or four high-level backup inputs when used with DS-AMP.
  • Two digital audio loop wire ports, which may be modified to single- or multi-mode fiber ports with fiber option mod- ules.
  • Local FFT riser, capable of acting as a connection on the digital FFT riser.
  • DS-BUS interface to communicate with local bulk amplifi- ers and power supplies.
  • Up to 106 seconds of standard quality backup digital mes- sage storage (from VeriFire Tools® message library, or created by the installer) for use in the event of communica- tion loss with the DVC.
  • Isolated alarm bus input, to be used for backup activation of alarm messages when normal communication with the DVC is lost.
  • Audio output activation via network control-by-event equa- tions resident within the DVC.
  • USB port for VeriFire Tools® communication.
  • Uploads and downloads via the DVC.
  • 24 VDC input for local power.
  • Works with AMPS-24 power supply and battery charger.


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DS-DB; Digital Series Distribution Board


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