Notifier NCA-2


Network Control Annunciator – Second Generation – 640 Characters

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Brand: Notifier Part #: 16245 Category: Manufacturer Part #: NCA-2


The NOTIFIER NCA-2 is a second-generation Network Control Annunciator for the NOTI•FIRE•NET network, compatible for use with ONYX® Series nodes such as the NFS2- 3030, NFS-3030, NFS-320, NFS-640 and NFS2-640 fire alarm control panels, as well as first-generation NCA Network Control Annunciators. Additionally, the NCA-2 may be configured with DVC Series products to create one or more Digital Audio Command Centers on NOTI•FIRE•NET. The NCA-2 provides system control and display capabilities for all, or for selected network nodes.

The NCA-2 display consists of a 640-character backlit LCD display, and a control interface consisting of “soft” keys used to navigate screen menus, “hard” keys with fixed control functions, and a QWERTY keypad.

When connected to one or more networked panels the NCA-2 provides network control and status/history display capabilities. It may also be configured as the Primary Display for displayless nodes on the network.


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  • Individual Enable/Disable or Group Enable/Disable local for networked ONYX series panels.
  • Control ON/OFF networked ONYX series panel control points.
  • Read Status networked ONYX series panel points and zones.
  • Network paging control/HVAC control .
  • Network-wide: Acknowledge, Silence, Reset.
  • Lamp Test (local to NCA-2).
  • History Buffer (1000 Alarm events; 4000 System events).
  • Print NCA-2 programming and history reports.
  • Report status of networked panels and their respective field devices to a central station via a single UDACT-2 (see data sheet DN-60686).
  • One Master level, nine User level passwords. The Master can assign each User access levels (programming, alter status).
  • Interactive Summary Event Count display, event handling package.
  • Online programming and alter-status programs.
  • Intuitive user guidance program including interactive soft keys.
  • Enhanced Read Status/Alter Status displays.
  • New history filters for report displaying and printing: All Events, Only Alarms, Only Troubles, Only Supervisory, Only, Security, Time Interval, Point Range.
  • Fully programmable node-mapping subsystem.
  • Advanced/Basic Walk-Test program.
  • Timer control for Auto Silence, AC Fail Delay.
  • NCA-2 Meets Canadian ULC display requirements.
  • Environmental adjustment controls to maximize LCD legibility.
  • Meets NFPA requirements for Firefighter Smoke Control Station (FSCS) and HVAC.

NCA-2; ONYX® Series Network Control Annunciator


Notifier – Data Sheet

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