Potter CR-135-MP

135F ROR Sealed Heat Detector

Condition: New
Brand: Potter
Status: Active
SKU: 176382
Manufacturer Part #: CR-135-MP
Secondary Part #: 1000137


The MP Series is a standard THERMOFLEX single circuit, Normally Open contacts detectors, in which the connectivity is modified with pigtail leads that extend through a seal plate.This provides for enhanced protection against corrosive or moisture-laden environments.

This detector is suitable for use in areas where condensation or corrosion can have harmful effects on circuit wiring connected to standard terminals. Its seal plate (with extended pigtail leads) will mount onto a typical cast exterior back box.The detector is connected to a fire alarm system’s input circuit as an initiating device.The internal contacts are normally open, and will close when the detector operateseither on a rate of temperature increase, or if the releasing temperature is reached. It is often installed with an addressing module if it is to be annunciated as a specific room or space, e.g. electrical room, garbage compactor, etc. With its non-metallic diaphragm, the detector can operate normally at low temperatures, making it suitable for non-heated or chilled environments including garages and carports.

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Weight 0.60 lbs
Dimensions 4.37 × 2.00 × 4.37 in

Potter Electric Signal Company




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EA (Each)

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  • Dual Action (Rate of Rise/Fixed Temperature) or Fixed Temperature only.
  • Available with protective light hazard guard (specify “MPG” when ordering).
  • Up to 70’ inter detector spacing.
  • Secure fusible link mechanism locks contacts in alarm state when releasing temperature is reached.
  • Operating temperature range -40ºF/+250ºF (-40ºC/120ºC).
  • Fly leads are factory installed and sealed in corrosion resistant mounting plate.

THERMOFLEX MP Series Heat Detector


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