Potter SSX-52SA

120dB Durable Siren or Siren Strobe

Condition: New
Brand: Potter
Status: Active
SKU: 177893
Manufacturer Part #: SSX-52SA
Secondary Part #: 4150025


The SSX-52 is a durable indoor/outdoor self-contained siren. The full featured siren consists of a single tone that delivers a warble sound output, 120dB output siren driver, and a dual action reed plunger for cover and rear protection. The SSX-52 is provided with a strong polycarbonate housing and a sturdy aluminum back plate to prevent warping and cracking. The SSX-52 comes completely assembled and ready for installation.

The SSX-52S Siren-Strobe is also available. It includes all the great SSX-52 features with the addition of a colored strobe. The strobe uses a colored mirror and lens to ensure that the color can be easily distinguished, and is available in amber, blue, clear, or red.

The SSX-52/52S excels in noisy areas such as warehouses, loading docks, print shops, busy production floors, or for indoor/outdoor applications where high quality and high output warning is required.

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Dimensions 7.08 × 4.37 × 5.79 in

Potter Electric Signal Company




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  • Self-Contained /Indoor/Outdoor Siren and Siren/Strobe
  • Sturdy aluminum back plate
  • Strong polycarbonate housing
  • Dual tamper protection
  • 115dB sound output
  • Warble sound output
  • Mounts directly to wall or 4” square back box
  • Strobe consists of colored mirror and lens
  • Available strobe colors: Amber, blue, clear, red

SSX-52 Series; Durable Siren/Siren Strobe


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Durable Siren/Siren Strobe SSX-52/SSX-52S


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