Protectowire PHSC-280-EPC (3,280 feet)


Linear Heat Detector Cable, (280°F/138°C), type EPC, 3,280 Feet

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Brand: Protectowire
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Manufacturer Part #: PHSC-280-EPC-3280


Protectowire Linear Heat Detector is a proprietary cable that detects heat anywhere along its length. The sensor cable is comprised of two steel conductors individually insulated with a heat sensitive polymer. The insulated conductors are twisted together to impose a spring pressure between them, then wrapped with a protective tape and finished with an outer jacket suitable for the environment in which the detector will be installed.

Protectowire is a fixed temperature digital sensor and is therefore capable of initiating an alarm once its rated activation temperature is reached. At the rated temperature, the heat sensitive polymer insulation yields to the pressure upon it, permitting the inner conductors to move into contact with each other thereby initiating an alarm signal. This action takes place at the first heated point anywhere along the detector’s length. It does not require a specific length to be heated in order to initiate an alarm, nor system calibration to compensate for changes in the installed ambient temperature. Protectowire Linear Heat Detector provides the advantages of line coverage with point sensitivity.

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Weight 52 lbs

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Unit of Measurement

FT (Feet)

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3280 feet


  • Line coverage…continuous sensitivity.
  • Seven alarm temperature ratings.
  • The ability to withstand severe environmental conditions.
  • Approval for use hazardous locations.
  • Ease of installation, testing, and splicing.
  • Compatibility with other initiation devices on same circuit.
  • Listed for spacing up to 50 ft. (15.2m).

Protectowire Linear Heat Detector


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Protectowire Linear Heat Detector


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PHSC Linear Heat Detector


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