Siemens TMM-1

MXLV Telephone Master Module

Condition: New
Brand: Siemens
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 4809
Manufacturer Part #: -TMM 1
Secondary Part #: 500-892080


The MXLV Telephone Master Module (Model TMM1) from Siemens Industry ─ Fire Safety provides a Master firefighter’s handset for communication with other wardens stations. Model TMM-1 mounts to the right of the Model MKB-2 Display / Keypad device in the front of the MXLV Command Console. Model TMM-1 includes a red telephone handset and retractable cable. An integral push-to-talk button is conveniently situated in the center of the handset, and is constructed of high-impact plastic. Model TMM-1 also includes a switch hook and the telephone-riser interface circuitry. The MXLV firefighter’s telephone unit is designed for maximum performance in communication quality. The circuitry of Model TMM-1 allows at least six (6) telephone stations to be off hook simultaneously with no degradation of audio quality. Model TMM-1 also supports a Warden’s Page function that allows live voice announcements from any remote telephone. Zone call-ins are annunciated on the appropriate Model VSM-1 switch module. Remote stations receive an optional Acknowledge tone and an optional Busy tone.

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MXL / MXLV; MXLV Telephone Master Module


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