Simplex 4090-9118


Relay IAM with T-Sense Input

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Single Address Dual Point Module. The 4090-9118 Relay IAM with T-Sense allows a compatible Simplex fire alarm control panel IDNet communication channel to monitor two input contact closures with one point and control an output relay with the other point, both from a compact module requiring a single address. Module power is supplied from the IDNet communications channel eliminating the need for separate power wiring. Multi-Point Device Description. The input circuit and relay operation are controlled independently and may be disabled separately. Point association is determined at the host panel. At the host panel display, the device address is designated as a single hardware location (such as 1-1). The individual points are considered “sub-points” and are layered underneath (such as 1-1-1 and 1-1-2).

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  • Typical applications are for damper motor control with dual damper position feedback monitoring (open and closed)
  • For use with Simplex® 4007ES, 4010ES, 4100ES, or 4100U Fire Alarm Control Panels providing IDNet communications (4100U requires software revision 11 or higher)


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