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Red LED IDNet communication indicator option kits mounts on door of 2975-9227 box

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When combined with Suppression Release Peripherals, the 4100ES series fire alarm control panel provides actuator supervision and control for use in automatic extinguishing, and deluge or preaction releasing systems. Hazard area initiating and notification devices are controlled using either conventional or addressable circuits per standard 4100ES capabilities. The necessary releasing system logic is implemented within the 4100ES control panel as required for the local application.

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Releasing control using the Simplex® 4100ES (or 4100U) Fire Alarm Control Panel to provide:

  • Coverage for multiple areas of Automatic Extinguishing
    Release and/or Deluge and Preaction Sprinkler System
    Release including audible escalation of events
  • Control of compatible Listed/Approved valves and actuators
  • Releasing appliance circuits (RACs) by connecting Notification appliance circuits (NACs) to Suppression Release Peripherals for actuator supervision and control

Audible Escalation of Events:

  • Temporal or 20 bpm March Time pattern for first cross-zone alarm
  • 120 bpm March Time pattern to indicate releasing timer active
  • On steady to indicate releasing timer expired and actuator is activated
  • NOTE: Requires NACs dedicated to conventional horn control (not SmartSync operation) with strobes controlled on separate NACs

4090-9005/-9006 Suppression Release Peripheral (SRP) with Dual Command Control:

  • Dual command control requires that both IDNet communications commands and an activated NAC are present to initiate the desired release
  • NAC provides wiring supervision to the actuator including monitoring of coil continuity and short circuit supervision to the coil supervision module

Suppression Release Peripheral control features:

  • An on-board DC-DC regulator compensates for voltage drops to the peripheral and ensures proper control circuit voltage over a wide operating range
  • Provides a single RAC for control of actuators for up to 2 A using a 3 A NAC input (1 A using a 2 A NAC input)

Related system components:

  • 4100ES Series control panel with Releasing Appliqué
  • Dedicated NAC output from 4100ES (or compatible NAC Extender)
  • Coil supervision module, one per RAC
  • Maintenance Switch, one per RAC
  • Abort Switch connected via an addressable interface module


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