Simplex 4100-5125

Remote Power Supply (RPS)

Condition: New
Brand: Simplex
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 47834
Manufacturer Part #: 4100-5116


The System Power Supply (SPS) and Remote Power Supply (RPS) are both intended to be placed in remote cabinets that require a 24 VDC signal power, as well as battery charging capabilities. The SPS and RPS receive battery and AC power from the Power Distribution Module (PDM).

The SPS and RPS provide 24 VDC to three notification appliance circuits. NACs can be Class B (Style Y) or Class A (Style Z). They are power-limited according to UL 864. The NACs support non-addressable TrueAlert and conventional reverse-polarity operation. SmartSync operation allows separate audible/visible control on the same pair of wires. NACs are monitored for short and open circuits. If a short circuit occurs, the affected NAC is not energized. During initialization, the system checks to see if any NACs are shorted together.

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