What Should I Look For In A GOOD Fire Watch Guard?

What Should I Look For In A GOOD Fire Watch Guard?

Obviously, there are hundreds upon thousands of Fire Watch Guard contractors nationwide, however, it’s important to choose Fire Watch that will be alert, keep proper logs of all activities and will properly walk your entire building, in a dedicated and constructive manner. Not only this, but Fire Watch Guards, ideally, should also carry the proper Certificate of Fitness (COF) in regards to Fire Alarm System and their maintenance. Being able to acknowledge any new issues that could come up on your down or malfunctioning fire alarm control panel is a very important skill-set to have. There are too many Fire Watch contractors out there that do not have any knowledge of fire alarm systems, and it shows, which in some cases can be a detriment to the protection of your facility/building/campus.

So, not only should a Fire Watch Guard walk your building, but they should become familiar with your building as quickly as possible. They should be able to note all floors, rooms, vestibules, locked rooms – all of the ins and outs in order to ensure that any potential fire or fire-related emergencies are found as quickly as possible.

By doing this, and having fire alarm system knowledge, a knowledgeable Fire Watch can keep track of new fire alarm troubles/supervisory/alarms that may occur, whether the existing system is fully-functioning, being worked on, or is awaiting upgrade. Knowing locations of fire alarm devices could help immensely in the case of a fire emergency, as the Fire Watch Guard can pinpoint where a fire is happening if the fire alarm system is partially-functional. They can then contact the fire department post-haste.

In the same vein, if your building/campus/facility is large enough, you will most likely have several remote annunciators, or a networked fire alarm system. Again, a well-trained Fire Watch Guard should be knowledgeable of all of these different fire alarm system components, how to use them, and what to do if something goes awry.

FireAlarm.com’s Fire Watch Guards have all required Fire Watch Certificate of Fitness licenses, as well as all applicable Fire Alarm System COF’s. Our Fire Watch Guards are guaranteed to know your building inside and out, while also being prepared for any fire or fire-related emergencies that may occur. Our Fire Guards will know and understand your fire alarm system, whether it is down, partially-functioning, or is in the process of being upgraded.

Also, be sure to check out FireAlarm.com’s Temporary Fire Alarm System – a new revolutionary way to keep your building, facility, or campus safe, without having to enlist Fire Watch Guard for too long. As a reminder, Fire Watch Guard can be life-saving, but it is designed to be a temporary solution – not a permanent replacement for a fire alarm system.

I hope you learned something about the importance of having an experienced Fire Watch, as well as realizing that FireAlarm.com has all of this, and more, whenever you need it! Contact us today to get started with Fire Watch right here!


-FireAlarm.com’s Assistant Social Media Editor