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Exhause: 2300 SCIM (37.69 Liters), Input Pulse Range (Seconds): 0.1-10s, 0.02-5s, 0.1-25s, 0.59-2.93s

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Brand: Automation Controls Part #: 64876 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: EPW2GFSSecondary Part #: 106333


The EPW converts a pulse or digital PWM signal into a proportional pneumatic signal ranging from 0 to 20 psig. The pneumatic output is proportional to the signal input, either direct or reverse acting, and features a manual override potentiometer to vary the pneumatic output. The EPW offers four jumper selectable input timing ranges (see ordering grid below). Output pressure ranges are jumper shunt selectable for 0-10, 0-15 and 0-20 psig, and adjustable in all ranges. A 0-5 VDC feedback signal indicating the resultant branch line pressure is also provided. This signal varies linearly with the branch pressure range selected.


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