DSC WS4920

Wireless Repeater

Condition: New
Brand: DSC
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 51506
Manufacturer Part #: WS4920
Replacement: WS4920HE


New to the DSC family of wireless products, the WS4920 Wireless Repeater delivers an easy-to-install wireless device that significantly extends the range for DSC 1-way wireless devices from the control panel/receiver and compensates for interference sources by improving the signal quality. The WS4920 repeats the 1-way wireless device’s signal to ensure high-quality signals are transmitted to the control panel/receiver.

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Weight 0.77 lbs
Dimensions 3.38 × 11.35 × 17.68 in


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  • Greatly extends the range of DSC 1-way wireless devices
  • Backward compatible with existing security systems including ALEXOR, PowerSeries and MAXSYS
  • Identifies the optimal location for mounting – taking in to consideration noise and interference
  • Quick enrolment of DSC 1-way wireless devices
  • Status LEDs for AC, battery and RF Jam
  • Up to four repeaters can be supported per system
  • Supports up to 164 wireless devices
  • Wall and case tamper protection
  • Esthetically pleasing design


Wireless Repeater WS4920
DSC – Data Sheet
WS4920 v1.0
DSC – Installation Manual


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