Edwards 541CXT

Detector Combo PE/Heat 4-Wire Wire 12/24VDC

  • Factory New
  • Material Obsolete
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The ESL 541 Series self-diagnostic, four-wire smoke detectors are the industry’s first conventional direct-wire smoke detectors with analog features such as drift compensation and multi-criteria detection. The 541 Series continually monitor their own sensitivity and operational status, and provide a visual indication if they drift out of the sensitivity range or fail internal diagnostics. This meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements without the need for external meters. Additional diagnostic information is activated by applying a magnet near the detector’s integral reed switch. This initiates a self-diagnostic routine and provides visual indication of sensitivity level or indicates if service is required.




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Alternative: 4WT-B

541 Series; Low Profile, Self-Diagnostic, Four-Wire, Photoelectric Smoke Detector


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