Edwards EST 3-LCDXL1


Liquid Crystal Display Module, 40 lines

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Brand: Edwards, EST
Status: Active
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Manufacturer Part #: 3-LCDXL1


The 3-LCDXL module mounts to the 3-CPU and extends over the first four local rail module slots. The 3-LCDXL module is optional in any network node. EST3 networks can support any combination of 3-LCDXL and 3-LCD display modules.

Ensuring information clarity the 3-LCDXL uses a backlit high contrast super-twist display. 24 lines of 40 characters provide the room needed to convey emergency information in a useful format.

The 3-LCDXL always displays the last highest priority event even when the user is viewing other message queues. Further message flexibility is provided with EST3’s message routing ability. Messages from a node can display at every node on the network or messages can route to specific nodes only. Routing can be initiated at a specific time/shift change. There is no need to have messages display in areas that are not affected by an event.

The 3-LCDXL can display system messages in either English, French or Spanish.

The EST3 system configures for Local or Proprietary operation in compliance with U.S. or Canadian marketplace requirements. The mode of operation is selected through the System Definition Utility (SDU) which may adjust the following operations slightly to fit the system operation selected.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 in





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  • Uses simple lights and switches
  • Simultaneous display of eight events
  • Hands free first alarm display
  • Last event of highest priority always displays
  • 24 lines by 40 character graphic LCD display
  • Multilingual
  • Events categorized and displayed in Queues
  • Slide-in LED and switch labels
  • Compatible with other 3-LCD and 3-LCDXL(1) displays on the same network
  • Listed to latest ULC-S527 Control Panel Standard
  • UL 9th Edition Listed


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Eight Event Liquid Crystal Display Module; 3-LCDXL1


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