Edwards EST 403-7A-R

Bell-Strobe Plate – 15/75 cd, Red

Condition: New
Brand: Edwards, EST
Status: Active
SKU: 5172
Manufacturer Part #: 403-7A-R


Edwards 403 Series Bell-Strobe Plates are specially designed for use with compatible life safety communication and control equipment to alert the hearing impaired of a life safety event. Strobes are available with 15 cd, 15/75 cd, 30 cd, and 110 cd effective flash intensity. They are fully compatible with Genesis signals. As part of the Enhanced Integrity line of products, 403 series strobes exceed UL synchronization requirements (within 10 milliseconds other over a two-hour period) when used with a separately-installed G1M Signal Master or SIGA-CC1S Synchronization Module. The flash from 403 series strobes can be noticed from almost any position in the room, corridor, or large open space. Light dispersion is controlled with a specially shaped reflector that directs a minimum of 12 per cent of rated light output above and below the strobe, and a minimum of 25 per cent of rated light straight out both sides. 403 Series strobes are designed for 16 to 33 Vdc operation and must be connected to signal circuits that output a constant (not pulsed) voltage. A diode is used to allow full signal circuit supervision and polarized connections are made to 7” (175 mm) wire lead. The rugged steel plate with smooth bevelled edges is finished in a durable, high quality, baked red epoxy polyester powder-coat.

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Ceiling, Wall




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  • Converts Edwards 439 model bells
    • Ideal for renovation work; easily adapts to existing or new Edwards bells for conversion into Bell/Strobes. Mounts to North American one-gang, two-gang, octagon, and 4-inch square boxes.
  • UL 1971-listed synchronizing strobe
    • 403 Series strobes synchronize to the latest UL 1971 requirements when used with an external control source.
  • Genesis-compatible
    • All Genesis and Integrity strobes on the same circuit meet UL 1971 synchronization requirements when used with an external control module.
  • Approved for public and private mode applications
    • UL 1971-listed as signaling devices for the hearing impaired and UL 1638-listed as protective visual signaling appliances.
  • Rugged steel plate
    • Strong CRS plate with durable baked red epoxy polyester powder-coat finish.
  • Field changeable field markings
    • Lens language or standard “FIRE” marking is easily changed with optional LKW series lens kits.


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