Edwards EST SMXLO2


Plug-In Standard Output Single Mode Transceiver for 3-FIBMB2

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Fiber optics communication links provide a high level of immunity from electrical noise. The circuits are power limited and suitable for use through hazardous atmospheres. Fiber optic circuits also provide a high level of security and are resistant to the effects of moisture. The choice of either single mode or multi mode fiber links is one of cost vs the distances between nodes. System performance is identical with either single or multi mode fiber.

Note: The 3-FIBMB2/MMXVR is compatible with 3-FIB(A) multi mode fiber modules.

The SMXLO2 standard output single mode transceiver is suitable for distances up to approximately 8.7 miles (14km). The SMXHI2 high output single mode transceiver is available to span distances up to approximately 24 miles (40km).

For multi mode applications, the MMXVR transceiver is suitable for distances up to approximately 8,000ft (2,400m) Actual distances are dependent on the losses in each fiber optic circuit, and should be calculated for each installation. One transceiver is required for each fiber side of both network and audio links. Simply order the required type and number and type of transceiver(s) for your application.

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