Edwards EST XAL127


Loop Expansion Module

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E-FSA250 panels are supported by a complete line of modules and related equipment that enhance performance and extend system capabilities. Option cards plug directly into the control panel main circuit board or are connected to it with a ribbon cable. After installation, terminals remain accessible. The cabinet provides ample room for wire routing, keeping wiring neat at all times.

The XAL127 Loop Expander Card provides an additional device loop on the control panel. The card expands the control panel’s device capacity to 254 total device addresses, 127 per loop. The card is compatible with Class B or Class A wiring. It is compatible with E-FSA250 control panels only.

The loop expander card connects to connector J7 on the main circuit board.


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254-Point Analog/Addressable Life Safety System; E-FSA250
Edwards Signaling – Data Sheet

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