Edwards Signaling HPSA15R2570


15-watt Loudspeaker, Red

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Manufacturer Part #: HPSA15R2570
Secondary Part #: CAT HPSA15R2570


The HPSA15 loudspeaker is a high-efficiency double re-entrant loudspeaker that delivers 15-watts of continuous power. Its unique design provides exceptional intelligibility, making it ideal for fire alarm and life safety applications. It is UL 1480 listed as a fire protective signalling speaker.

The HPSA15 operates within a nominal frequency response range of 400-14,000 Hz, and provides audible output of 120 dB (peak at one meter) at the rated power level. It includes a versatile, three-way, 25/70.7 V line transformer that meets a variety of distributed system needs. The transformer is adjustable by means of a convenient seven-position, watts/impedance selection switch. This labor-saving switch is screwdriver adjustable and includes a protective cover with built-in cable strain relief.

The HPSA15 features an innovative mounting bracket that, with a single adjustment, provides precise positioning in both the vertical and horizontal planes. It also allows the HPSA15 to be installed on conventional surfaces or strap-mounted on I-beams or pillars. Durable epoxy-coated metal and ABS plastic components are weather-resistant suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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Multi-purpose Loudspeaker; HPSA15


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