Fire-Lite HD-602

Conventional Heat Detector; One Circuit, Rate-of-Rise/Fixed Temperature, 200°F (94°C)

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Brand: Fire-Lite Part #: 63240 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: HD-602


The HD-600 Heat Detector is attractive, durable, and features combination rate-of-rise and fixed-temperature detectors. Heat detectors are available in 135°F (57°C) and 200°F (94°C) temperature ratings.

Rate-of-rise elements detect heat by quickly responding to rapid temperature increase. HD-600 detectors use the same reliable pneumatic rate-of-rise element used in former models, but offer added aesthetic appeal. The pneumatic rate-of-rise element responds to a rapid rise in temperature, approximately 15°F (8°C) per minute, by expansion of air within the sealed chamber faster than it can escape through a calibrated vent. The resultant increase in pressure depresses the diaphragm, causing the electrical contact to close the circuit. HD-600 rate-of-rise units have a wide spacing allowance of 50-foot (15.24-meter) centers.

Fixed-temperature elements react to heat by responding to a specific temperature setting. The fixed-temperature element uses a fusible alloy. When activated, the external heat collector drops away to provide quick visual confirmation that the element has operated.

The units protrude only 1-3/8″ (34.925 mm) from the ceiling surface with a junction box mounting. They have pleasing contours and an all-white finish that conforms to ceiling aesthetics.


Weight 1.00 lbs




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Product Notes

Replacement: 5602


  • Rate-of-rise and fixed-temperature.
  • One- or two-circuit, normally open.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Visual indication.
  • Operation testing.


HD-600; Heat Detectors
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