Gamewell INI-VGC-UTP


Voice Gateway Classic Enabled Unshield Twisted Pr

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Brand: Gamewell Part #: 71552 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: INI-VGC-UTP


The INI-VG Series (Intelligent Network Interface-Voice Gateway) is a network interface with superior Audio and Command/Control that is used for E3 Series fire alarm and voice evacuation systems. The modular design allows the INI-VG Series to be used in any type of system configuration to function as a voice network interface for any of the following:

  • Fire Command Center
  • Digital Audio Voice Transponder
  • Analog Audio Voice Transponder
  • Autonomous Control Unit (ACU) for Mass Notification
  • Local Operating Console (LOC) for Mass Notification

With a Class B signaling line circuit (SLC), the INI-VG can monitor and control up to sixteen AOM-TELF telephone modules to use with the fire fighter telephones or serve as value Local Operating Consoles (LOC). In addition, it can support up to 16 AOM2SF, signal output modules that can be used for distributed audio control. Networked through single-mode fiber optics, multi-mode fiber optics, and/or twisted-pair wire, the INI-VG Series resides on the E3 Series and/or S3 Series network, represented as a node with fully independent control. Each INI-VG Series provides its own internal recorded message storage that operates as a redundant back-up in case another panel is no longer functional.






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  • Listed under UL® Standard 864, 9th Edition
  • Listed under UL Standard UL2572 for Mass Notification
  • Supports a network data transfer rate at 625K baud
  • Controls all communication signals and control-by-event sequences over twisted, unshielded pair of wires or fiber-optic cable
  • All INI-VG Series Modules connect to a voice page microphone and fire fighter’s handset
  • Uses advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology that provides efficient audio compression and filtering
  • Offers the following fiber-optic plug-in modules used for fiber-optic connectivity
    • FML-E3 (fiber-optic multi-mode)
    • FSL-E3 (fiber-optic single-mode)
  • Supports Distributed Architecture, including Style 7 wiring configuration, that allows system components to continue normal operation with NO loss of function during single line fault conditions
  • Provides Redundant Command Centers with a microphone and a fire fighter’s handset which can easily be configured by adding INCCs


INI-VG Series; Intelligent Network Interface Voice Gateway
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