Gentex GX91-W

12/24VDC Low Current Mini-Horn

    Brand: Gentex Part #: 12700 Category: Manufacturer Part #: GX91-WSecondary Part #: 904-1275-002


    The GX91 is a continuous tone mini horn. This unit is not synchable with the AVS Series Control Module. It is however synchable from the panel. With the GX93 a jumper is provided to select either the continuous tone or the temporal 3 evacuation tone.


    Weight 0.30 lbs
    Dimensions 0.50 × 2.84 × 4.48 in




    • Single Unit is capable of 12 or 24 VDC determined by the input voltage
    • Unit Dimensions: 4.48” High x 2.84” Wide x 0.5” Deep
    • Jumper Selectable Temporal 3 or Continuous Tone on the GX93.
    • GX91 has a Continuous Tone horn only
    • Horn Frequency is 3100Hz
    • Terminal Blocks (12 AWG to 18 AWG)


    12/24VDC, Low Current Mini-Horn, Temporal (GX93) or Continuous (GX91) Tone with Terminal Block
    Gentex – Data Sheet
    Remote Audible Signaling Appliance; Models GX91/GX93 12/24 V
    Gentex – Manual