Honeywell SS4-A2

Multi-Spectrum Digital Electro-Optical Fire Detector

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Brand: Honeywell
Status: Obsolete
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Manufacturer Part #: SS4-A2
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The Model SS4-A/-A2 Optical Fire/Flame Detectors are fast-reacting (within 5 seconds), digital, configurable, computerized, “smart” units. This Detector has sensitivity to Type A, B, and C flaming fires. Detectors of this design process Ultraviolet (UV), Wide band Infrared (IR), and Visible (VIS) spectral ranges from ruggedized Solar-blind UV, “Quantum-Effect” IR, and visible sensors correspondingly. They are equipped with SRL-BIT (Built-In- Test) for optical “through the lens” of both the sensors and lens. The Model SS4-A/-A2 UV, IR, and VIS Fire Detectors have false alarm immunity, and adjustable alarm range between 15 and 60 feet for a one square foot gasoline pan fire with a 120-degree (± 60 degrees from the axis) conical field of view. Their microprocessor-based algorithms (FirePic, SnapShot, and Tri-Mode Plot) assure time programmable alarm verification, Fire Signature Analysis, and compatibility with standard approved fire alarm panels.

The Detector also has the flexibility to be re-configured in the field. Its installation is simple, and operation straight forward due to the built-in self-testing feature. Therefore, the maintenance consists mainly in keeping the Detector window lens clean and performing periodic testing required by the manufacturer of the Fire Control and Suppression System.

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Multi-Spectrum Digital Electro-Optical Fire Detector


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