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Communicator Universal Digital Alarm

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The Universal Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (UDACT-2) is designed for use on Johnson Control’s Fire Alarm Control Panels. When used in conjunction with the JNCA-2 network control annunciator, the UDACT-2 can report the status of all control panels on NFN™. The UDACT-2 transmits system status to UL listed Central Station Receivers via the public switched telephone network. The UDACT-2 can be installed in the panel cabinet or remotely in a separate enclosure. NOTE: The UDACT-2 can also be used with legacy panels. Please refer to the UDACT-2 manual for more information. The UDACT-2 upload/download programming and firmware updates are accomplished with VeriFire Tools. Refer to the Programming Section for further details. The UDACT-2 is capable of transmitting the status of software zones (Alarm and Trouble), System Trouble, Panel Off-Normal, Supervisory, Bell Trouble, Low Battery, and AC Fail. The UDACT-2 is capable of transmitting all of the zone and point status associated with each panel. When the UDACT-2 is used with the IFC-2020/1010, IFC3030, IFC2-3030, and JNCA-2 it is capable of reporting up to 2,040 points. Reporting may be in the form of points or zones (refer to the UDACT-2 manual for specific reporting parameters). Points transmitted may be programmed for a variety of types, including fire, waterflow, supervisory, etc.



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  • Programmable with VeriFire Tools version 6.60 or higher, allowing the UDACT-2 programming to be uploaded/downloaded and saved.
  • Maximum of 14-point trouble messages transmitted per hour.
  • Dual phone lines with line voltage detect.
  • Compact in size: 6.75″ x 4.25″ (17.145 x 10.795 cm).
  • USB port for upload/download programming.
  • Manual Test Report function.
  • Manual Transmission Clear function.
  • Mounts in a separate enclosure (ABS-8RB or UBS-1B/R).
  • Communicates vital system status including:

– Independent zone fire alarm.

– Independent zone non-fire alarm.

– Independent zone trouble.

– Independent zone supervisory.

– AC (mains) Power Loss (programmable).

– Low Battery and Earth Fault.

– System Off-Normal.

– 12 or 24 hour test signal.

– Abnormal Test Signal per new UL requirements.

– EIA-485 Communication Bus Failure.

  • Annunciation of UDACT-2 Troubles including: loss of phone

lines, communication failure with either Central Station, total

communications failure.

  • Individual LEDs for: Power, EIA-485 Loss, Manual Test, Kissoff, Comm Fail, Primary Line Seize, Secondary Line Seize and Modem Communications.
  • Open Collector relay driver for Total Communications Failure or UDACT-2 trouble.
  • Real-time clock.
  • Extensive transient protection.
  • EIA-485 interface to host panel.


Universal Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter; UDACT-2
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