Notifier N-ANN-80


Remote LCD Annunciator, 80 Character Display, Black

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Brand: Notifier Part #: 16519 Category: Manufacturer Part #: N-ANN-80


The N-ANN-80 annunciator is a compact, backlit, 80-character LCD fire annunciator that mimics the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) display. It provides system status indicators for AC Power, Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, and Alarm Silenced conditions. The N-ANN-80 and the FACP communicate over a two-wire serial interface employing the ANN-Bus communication format. Connected devices are powered, via two additional wires, by either the host FACP or a remote UL-listed, filtered power supply. The N-ANN-80 is black; for white order N-ANN-80-W. The N-ANN-80 displays English-language text of system point information including device type, zone, independent point alarm, trouble or supervisory status, as well as any custom alpha labels programmed into the control panel. It includes control switches for remote control of critical system functions. (A keyswitch prevents unauthorized operation of the control switches.) Up to eight N-ANN-80s may be connected to the ANN-Bus of each FACP. Minimal programming is required, which saves time during system commissioning. The N-ANN-80 is compatible with NOTIFIER FACPs with an ANN-Bus, such as the NFW-50X.


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N-ANN-80; 80-Character Serial LCD Annunciator


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