Notifier NFV-25/50

Notifier FireVoice 25/50 Voice Evacuation Control Panel

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Brand: Notifier Part #: 68263 Category: Manufacturer Part #: NFV-25/50


The FireVoice-25/50 (NFV-25/50) is a state-of-the-art, singleor dual-circuit (25 watts each) Emergency Voice Evacuation Control Panel (EVAC). The NFV-25/50 records five field programmable messages (up to 60 seconds total message duration) with an integral commercial-grade emergency communications microphone or from an external audio source. Significant technological enhancements set the NFV-25/50 apart from other EVAC panels — these include full supervision in both active (alarm or music) and standby conditions, supervision of amplifier outputs, field wiring, message generator, all tone generators, and the microphone. The integral power supply charges up to 18 AH batteries, which can be housed in the NFV-25/50 cabinet.


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  • Listed to UL Standard 864, 9th edition.
  • Integral 25 watt, 25 VRMS audio amplifier with single Style Z (Class A) or Style Y (Class B) speaker circuit (expandable to 50 watts using the ACC-AAM25).
  • Modular design for maximum system flexibility and ease of service.
  • Five Command Input Circuits (CMD) are available for activation by an FACP.
  • Two command input circuits can be independently field-programmed for activation by a Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) or contact closure.
  • Three command input circuits activate on contact closure.
  • Manual deactivation of speaker zones.
  • Command inputs allow: – One 60-second message. – Two 30-second messages. – Three 20-second messages. – Four 15-second messages. – Five 12-second messages.
  • Microphone time-out feature.
  • Nineteen different system and diagnostic LEDs.
  • Two Form-C trouble relays (System & AC Power Loss).
  • Optional equipment: second amplifier; local playback speaker; and remote microphone.
  • Integral digital message generator with standard, factory prerecorded emergency evacuation message.
  • Custom messages are field recordable, using the integral microphone or the audio input jack.
  • Digital message may be field-selected for 3, 4, 6, 8, or infinite repeat.
  • Built-in alert tone generators with steady, slow whoop, high/ low, or chime tone capability.
  • Field-selectable lead-in/trailing tone selection.
  • Alert tone selection may be field-programmed to conform with ANSI S3.41 Audible Emergency Evacuation Signal (Temporal Pattern), per NFPA.
  • Speaker zone control via CMD inputs or keypad.
  • Dual-optically-isolated, trigger input circuits are independently field-programmable for activation by polarity reversal (host FACP NAC) or dry-contact closure.
  • Zone 1 switch-programmable for All-Call operation.
  • Integral diagnostic LEDs include: Power, System Trouble, Microphone Trouble, Message Generator Trouble, Tone Generator Trouble, Amplifier Fault, and others.
  • Independent Form-C trouble relay allows FACP to monitor voice system while in active (alarm) state.
  • Integral piezo provides local audible indication for troubles.
  • Fully supervised in Standby and Active states, including integral microphone, amplifier output, message generator, speaker wiring, and tone generators.
  • Independent amplifier supervision: current limit, audio level, short circuit protection.
  • All outputs are power-limited.
  • Auxiliary power output provides local power for addressable control modules when used to activate the NFV-25/50.
  • Compatible with all NOTIFIER FACPs, as well as other manufacturers’ panels.
  • Background music capability (requires AHJ approval).
  • When using the background music option, total output power per amplifier is reduced to 20 watts.

NFV-25/50; FireVoice-25/50 Voice Evacuation Control Panel


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