Notifier RPT-485WF

EIA-485 Repeater Board (Wire/Fiber)

Condition: New
Brand: Notifier
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 68278
Manufacturer Part #: RPT-485WF


The RPT-485WF acts as a fiber-optic modem for any JCI FACP using the standard ACS EIA-485 loop. One RPT-485WF is placed near the FACP and connects by fiber to a remote RPT- 485WF. The remote RPT-485WF connects by wire to additional EIA-485 devices, such as a NIB-96 in a master FACP. The RPT-485WF is not intended for use with any terminal-mode devices, such as the LCD-80 and LCD-80.

The source and boosted EIA-485 loops are isolated from each other, as well as from the RPT power supply terminals. This important feature eliminates the need for a single common between FACP and power supplies powering ACS Series annunciators. This feature also provides an easier method of locating ground fault conditions since it allows for separate ground fault zones.

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RPT-485 Wire/Fiber EIA-485 Driver


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