Siemens FCA2016-U1


Module RS485 Class A (ISO)

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Brand: Siemens
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Manufacturer Part #: FCA2016-U1
Secondary Part #: S54400-A39-A1


Model FCA2018-U1 is remotely connected to the Model FCA2016-U1(RS-485) communication bus from any Cerberus PRO system enclosure. Model FCA2018- U1 uses Class B (Style 4) or Class A (Style 6) wiring and provides two (2) RS-232 (serial) ports and a single parallel port that allow connection to the parallel printer (Model PAL-1). When Model PAL-1 is used with the remote peripheral module, Model FCA2018- U1 supervises the printer for ON, OFF Line | POWER ON | PAPER OUT | PAPER JAM, and wiring-fault conditions, per UL for NFPA72 requirement for proprietary systems. Event / report printing is generated at the operating unit (Model FCM20-series) on the main Cerberus PRO system.

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  • Dual, standardized RS-485 interface that is used on 252 / 504-point control panels
  • RS-485 module provides communication to Model FCA2018-U1 for managing and supervising Model PAL-1
  • Supports ‘Class B’ (Style 4) and ‘Class A’ (Style 6) wiring configurations
  • Up to eight (8) devices on the RS-485 Universal Fire Protocol (UFP) network
  • Electrical isolation between the RS-485 interface and a Cerberus PRO FACP
  • Ground-fault monitoring
  • UL 864 10th Edition Listed, ULC Listed
  • FM, CSFM & NYC Fire Dept. Approved


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Remote Peripheral Module with RS-485 Interface


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