Siemens PTB


Power Termination Board

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Brand: Siemens
Status: Obsolete
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Manufacturer Part #: PTB
Secondary Part #: 500-033390
Replacement: PSFA


Model PTB is the Power Termination Board, and is required for operation with the Power Supply Charger (Model PSC-12). Model PTB must be mounted in the lower-right corner of the CAB enclosures. Mounting studs are provided in all enclosures to mount to Model PTB.

Model PTB contains screw terminals for the usage of AC-input power. Model PTB contains an AC-line filter and AC-line power breaker rated at 5A. From another connector on Model PTB, AC power is connected directly to Model PSC-12, via a keyed-cable harness. Each Model PTB supports building AC-power-connection circuits for two (2) power supplies – either one (1) for Model PSC-12 and one (1), optionally, for the Power Supply extender (Model PSX-12.) When more than one (1) Model PSX-12 Power Supply extender is used, a second Model PTB is required, and must be ordered separately.

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