Simplex 2099-9758


Non-Coded, Non-Addressable Manual Station; Double action, Push, Annunciator contacts N.C.

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Brand: Simplex Part #: 46865 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: 2099-9758


Double Action Stations (Breakglass) require the operator to strike the front mounted hammer to break the glass and expose the recessed pull lever. The pull lever then operates as a single action station.

Double Action Stations (Push Type) require that a spring loaded interference plate, which is marked PUSH, be pushed back to access the pull lever of the single action station.

Station reset requires the use of a key to reset the manual station lever and deactivate the alarm switch. If the break-rod is used, it must be replaced.

Station testing is performed by physical activation of the pull lever. Electrical testing can be also performed by unlocking the station housing to activate the alarm switch.


Weight 1.00 lbs







Manual fire alarm stations for general purpose applications:

  • Operation complies with ADA requirements
  • Pull lever protrudes when alarmed
  • Break-rod is supplied, use is optional
  • Screw terminals for wiring connections
  • Tamper resistant reset key lock (keyed same as Simplex fire alarm cabinets)

Operation types include:

  • Single action
  • Double Action, Breakglass or Push Type
  • Institutional Model, key operated only
  • Optional NO GRIP Single Action Retrofit Kits are available with a more easily operated pull lever for applications where anticipated users may find the standard station lever difficult to activate
  • Optional Local Alarm cover
  • Optional pre-signal and annunciator contacts

Multiple mounting options:

  • Surface or semi-flush with standard boxes or matching Simplex boxes
  • Flush mount adapter kit

UL listed to Standard 38


Multi-Application Peripherals: Non-Coded, Non-Addressable Manual Stations; 2099 Series Single and Double Action Operation

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