Simplex 4098-9714


TrueAlarm Photoelectric Smoke Sensor‎

Standard sensor base: 4098-9792

Available With a Lead Time


TrueAlarm analog sensors provide an analog measurement digitally communicated to the host control panel using Simplex addressable communications. At the control panel, the data is analyzed and an average value is determined and stored. An alarm or other abnormal condition is determined by comparing the sensor’s prevent value against its average value and time.

Monitoring each sensor’s average value provides a continuously shifting reference point. This software filtering process compensates for environmental factors (dust, dirt, etc.) and component aging, providing an accurate reference for evaluating new activity. With this filtering, there is a significant reduction in the probability of false or nuisance alarms caused by shifts in sensitivity, either up or down.

Datasheet: 4098-9714

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