Simplex 4099-9802

Label kit, white lettering on red background; select the label required for the specific releasing application; types include: Clean Agent, Extinguishing, Carbon Dioxide, Foam System, Sprinkler, and Manual

    Brand: Simplex Part #: 46697 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 4099-9802


    These 4099 series addressable manual stations combine the familiar Simplex housing with a compact communication module providing easy installation for releasing applications. The integral individual addressable module (IAM) monitors status and communicates changes to the connected control panel via MAPNET II or IDNet communications wiring. A blank area on the front of the station allows the selection of a label to match the specific releasing application (label kit is ordered separately).


    Weight 1.00 lbs



    Releasing System Peripherals: IDNet or MAPNET II Communicating Devices; Addressable Manual Stations for Releasing Applications
    Simplex – Data Sheet

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