System Sensor B200SR

Standard Sounder Base (Compatible with B501BH Series)

Condition: New
Brand: System Sensor
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 48016
Manufacturer Part #: B200SR
Replacement: B200SR


The B200SR sounder base series is designed for new and existing dwelling unit applications. It offers maximum flexibility in installation, configuration, and operation to meet or exceed UL 268 and UL 464 requirements.

The B200SR series is fully compatible with existing B501BH-Series sounder base installations. The device enables users to select one of two B501-supported tones (ANSI Temporal 3 or Continuous) by removing a jumper.

With its attractive aesthetics, the B200SR series is ideal for applications where appearance is critical. For example, the sounder base employs a separate mounting plate that installs on various junction box sizes to eliminate unsightly surface-mount boxes. In addition, the mounting plate enables pre-wiring of all connections to speed and simplify installation. The housing then mates with the mounting plate and is locked in position with two retaining screws, which are covered by the installed sensor head for added tamper resistance.

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  • Tone selection via an onboard jumper
  • UL 268 and UL 464 compliant
  • Pre-wire mounting plate fits various junction box sizes
  • Fully compatible with existing B501BH-Series sounder base installations
  • Mechanical locking feature prevents removal of attached sensor head
  • 520 Hz +/− 10% square wave tone (B200S-LF)


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