System Sensor MDL3R


Sync-circuit module, 12/24 volt, red

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The Sync-Circuit module synchronizes SpectrAlert® Advance strobes at 1 Hz and horns and chimes at temporal 3 over a single pair of wires. Patented module technology also allows the silencing of horns or chimes on horn/strobe and chime/strobe models over a pair of wires.

The MDL3 Module is designed to work with the SpectrAlert and SpectrAlert Advance series of notification appliances to provide a means of synchronizing the temporal-coded horns and chimes, synchronizing the one-second flash timing of the strobe, and silencing the horns and chimes of the horn/strobe and chime/ strobes combination over a two-wire circuit while leaving the strobes active. Application Flexibility.

The Sync-Circuit module is designed to power and synchronize either two 3-amp circuits wired in Class B, or one 3-amp circuit powered as Class A. Should more than two zones require synchronization, additional modules can be added by interconnecting the “slave” input and output terminals between modules.


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  • Two-wire operation from module to the devices
  • Silences horns and chimes over a two-wire loop
  • Synchronizes strobes at 1 Hz
  • Synchronizes horns and chimes to temporal 3 pattern
  • Patented technology
  • Interconnects modules for multiple zone synchronization
  • Module controls two Style Y (Class B) circuits or one Style Z (Class A) circuit
  • New NAC slave feature enables the interconnection of slave modules over a supervised NAC loop

Sync•Circuit Module


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MDL3 Series Sync Module


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