System Sensor OSP-004


Test filter, 10-pack

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OSI-R-SS is a 4-wire conventional reflector-type linear optical beam smoke detector for use in fire alarm systems. The beam operates primarily on the principle of light obscuration using an infrared beam. Optical beam smoke detectors are uniquely suited to protecting buildings with large open areas with high ceilings such as a warehouse or atrium. The OSI-R-SS detector is a combined transmitter/receiver unit that can be directly connected to a conventional detector circuit.

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  • Combined transmitter/receiver unit
  • Wide 12° field of view
  • Fast, easy, and intuitive beam alignment indicated by directional LED cross-hair arrows
  • Long range coverage of 5-100m (16-328 ft) is standard; no separate long-range kit required
  • Highly resistant to building movement; tolerates +/− 1° movement
  • Resistant to strong light sources; does not alarm when saturated by sunlight
  • Resistant to solid object intrusion
  • Automatic sensitivity threshold level setting
  • 50° horizontal and 20° vertical beam adjustment
  • Build-in imager heater is standard
  • Remote test station capable for electronic simulated smoke test from ground level
  • Standby, fault and alarm LED indicators visible from the front and bottom
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Paintable housing/cover
  • Removable plug-in terminal blocks
  • Optional heater kit available for the reflector


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OSI-R-SS, OSI-RA-SS: Conventional Reflective Imaging Beam Smoke Detector


System Sensor - Data Sheet