Tektone IR311E


Station Single Patient 8 Pin Jack Pillow Speaker

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The IR311E Single Patient Station provides reliable two-way, hands-free communication between patient and nurse, and provides for programmable privacy, paging, and patient priority from the master station. Calling the nurse is accomplished by pressing the call cord button or the area indicated nurse on the pillow speaker. Solid-state LEDs on the panel indicate the call has been placed and the intercom is in use. If the pillow speaker or call cord is accidentally removed from its receptacle, the nurse master station registers a non-cancelable call with cord out indication. The call may be reset only by returning the call cord or pillow speaker to its receptacle. The pillow speaker also provides television control. The IR312E Dual Patient Station has the same specifications and functions as the IR311E, and has an additional independently operating call cord/pillow speaker receptacle, and another call-placed indicator.

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IR311E Single & IR312E Dual Patient Stations
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