Edwards EST PT-1S/220

Serial Printer – 220/240 Vac

  • Material Obsolete
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The PT-1 series printers are high speed, 9-pin dot matrix type which use standard, continuous tractor feed computer paper. The PT-1 series printers are used to permanently record Life Safety System changes of state. All printed entries contain the date, time, event type and a user defined message for each printed event. The printer is required in proprietary type systems. In local, auxiliary or remote station systems the printer is ancillary and is optional. The printer must be backed up by a UPS in a proprietary system. Printer paper may be fed from the rear or bottom of the printer.

Standard Features

  • High speed, bi-directional printing
  • Serial (model PT-1S) or parallel (model PT-1P) interface
  • Front panel setup
  • LED Status indicators
  • RS-232/USB, Parallel/USB versions
  • Printer self-test mode

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Weight 9.9 lbs
Dimensions 14.2 × 10.8 × 3.2 in
Production Status

Product Notes

Replaced by Edwards PT-1S+


EST System Event Printer Data Sheet
EST System Event Printer Installation Sheet


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