Notifier SFP-10UD


Ten-zone 24-volt Fire Alarm Control Panel

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The SFP-5UD is a five-zone FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) and the SFP-10UD(E) is a ten-zone FACP. These control panels provide reliable fire signaling protection for small to medium-sized commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Both panels include built-in communicators for Central Station Service and remote upload/download. Each of these FACPs is compatible with System Sensor’s microprocessor-based i3 series detectors. These conventional smoke detectors can transmit a maintenance trouble signal to the FACP indicating the need for cleaning and a supervisory “freeze” signal when the ambient temperature falls below the detector rating. Additionally, both the SFP-5UD and SFP10UD are compatible with conventional input devices such as two- and four-wire smoke detectors, pull stations, waterflow devices, tamper switches, and other normally-open contact devices. Refer to the Notifier Device Compatibility Document for a complete listing of compatible devices.


Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 8.50 × 22.50 × 20.00 in


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Product Notes

Replacement: MS-10UD-7


  • Listed to UL Standard 864, 9th edition.
  • Built-in DACT (Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter).
  • Style B (Class B) IDC (Initiating Device Circuit)
    • SFP-5UD – five IDCs.
    • SFP-10UD – ten IDCs.
  • Style Y (Class B) NAC (Notification Appliance Circuit) – special application power
    • SFP-5UD – four NACs.
    • SFP-10UD – four NACs.
  • Notification Appliances may be programmed as
    • Silence Inhibit.
    • Auto-Silence.
    • Strobe Synchronization for System Sensor, Wheelock, Gentex, Faraday, or Amseco devices.
    • Selective Silence (horn-strobe mute).
    • Temporal or Steady Signal.
    • Silenceable or Nonsilenceable.
  • Optional N-CAC-5X Style Z (Class A) Converter Module for NACs and IDCs (2 required for SFP-10UD).
  • Form-C Relays for Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory
    Contact Ratings 2.0 A@ 30 VDC or 30 VAC (resistive).
  • 3.0 A total system current for SFP-5UD.
  • 7.0 A total system current for SFP-10UD.
  • Optional Dress Panel DP-51050 (red)
  • Optional Dress Panel DP-51050B (black).
  • Optional Trim Ring TR-CE/-B for semi-flush mounting.
  • 24 volt operation.
  • Low AC voltage sense.
  • Alarm Verification.
  • PAS (Positive Alarm Sequence).
  • Automatic battery trickle charger.
  • Up to eight ANN-BUS annunciators:
    • Optional 8 zone Relay Module N-ANN-RLY.
    • Optional LED Annunciator Module N-ANN-LED.
    • Optional Remote LCD Annunciator N-ANN-80.
    • Optional Remote Printer Gateway N-ANN-S/PG.
    • Optional LED Annunciator Driver N-ANN-I/O.
  • Optional 4XTM module (conventional reverse polarity/city box transmitter)


Notifier Life Safety & Emergency Communications Systems Information Guide
Notifier SFP-5UD/SFP-10UD(E) Data Sheet
Notifier SFP-5UD/SFP-10UD(E) Conventional Control Panel Engineering Specification

SFP-5UD/SFP-10UD(E); Five Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel Ten Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel

Notifier - Data Sheet

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